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Denkmeier Optical, Inc. is a company co-owned by Russ Lederman and Tony Pirera and located in Hauppauge NY. Russ Lederman is Inventor of The Power x Switch and Power Switch Star Diagonals. Let Denkmeier Optical be your source for the finest Binoviewers, Eyepieces, and Star Diagonals available anywhere.

All new Denkmeier Optical Products are covered by a one year warranty. This covers any problems that may occur during normal use. The warranty is not transferrable and only covers the original purchaser. There is a 30 day return policy for all products. All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt. Shipping charges are not refundable, A 2.5% retocking fee will apply to all products returned for refund.  

Credit Cards:
Customers using credit cards will be charged the fee that we are charged by our provider, if that credit card is declined when we attempt to charge. Please be accurate when inputting all information and notify your bank who issued the card that a charge will occur. This is especially a requirement for overseas orders. 

September 2015 DELIVERY UPDATE: 
At the present time, delivery within 1-2 weeks is possible. We will be working on more Binotron-27 Super Systems and L-O-A 21 3D Eyepiece Systems in September. Order Today to get in the Queue! Collitron Reticles are in stock. We are coating and assembling more D21 and D14 Eyepiece Pairs as well.  These are complicated systems and Russ and staff assembles and checks and collimates every single Binotron-27 Super System.  We always want to be sure that every Binotron-27 arrives in perfect collimation and conditions so your patience is appreciated as always! 100% QC throughout the process takes time but is well worth it!

10-09-2014 Hey Russ! 

Thanks again for getting the Bino to me so quick. It's an amazing piece of hardware and everybody loved it. Despite having only been used briefly it's been a topic of conversation for days. There is a call request list on the fridge now to alert the locals next time I set up. How to win friends and influence people? Buy a Denkmeier Binotron from Russ Lederman!  

Couldn't be happier! Jim R. - Hilliard, Ohio 

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10-13-16: We are experiencing a problem with ordering online. Please email us at russ@denkmeier.com. Call us toll free 866-340-4578. Or 410-208-6014. We are working to remedy this issue. Sorry for the inconvienence! WHOLESALE DIRECT PRICING!!! 
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Amazing: 3D Astronomy is HERE!!
With L-O-A 21 It's Revolutionary!!
Buy a Binotron-27 and Get $150 Off of a Set of L-O-A 21 3D Eyepieces!!

Click This Link For 3D Information + Comments and Reviews!  http://www.3dastronomy.com/reviews-videos-3d-astro-news/

The Binotron-27 Super System

Click on this link for more information: 
BINOTRON-27 Super System 
"Astronomy Magazine Star Product 2013" 


1.BINOTRON-27 Super System 
2.BINOTRON-27 Super System for SCTs and Refractors
3.Denkmeier Eyepieces
4.Power Switch Star Diagonals With 1/10th Wave Quartz Mirrors
IVB Star Diagonal for SCTs, With Filter and Power Switch
5.Denk Hi-Def Filters
6.NEW OCS A-45 "Astronomy Magazine Star Product 2014"
7.New Lunt Optical Adapter For Hydrogen Alpha Solar!
8.BINOTRON-27 FAQs and Weight Specifications
9.New Collitron Reticle for Collimating The Binotron in Seconds!
10.ONSALE!!!!!! $99 NEW 2" BARLOW for Single Eyepiece Users

11. See VIDEOS On Our Products: Go to  Video Tutorial Links

REVIEW OF THE BINOTRON-27!! Link: NEW *BINOTRON-27 Review in Astronomy Magazine

Click On This Link: ALL NEW!! BINOTRON-27
As Seen in Sky&Telescope and Astronomy Magazine 
Introductory Sale for VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE!!!

Matched Eyepieces
Denk 65 degree AFOV Eyepieces are optically unsurpassed. Our high index glass and super efficient anti-reflection coatings produce amazing images with boosted contrast. Yes, we match our D21 and D14 eyepieces! Each optical set is carefully measured to the tenth of a millimeter for focal length and paired together. Then we test them mechanically in the BINOTRON-27 for a final assessment. We will have stock built by mid July, ready to ship. Try them! We believe these eyepieces to be the finest optical instruments available for use in your new BINOTRON-27 Super System! READ REVIEW

This is the finest binoviewer I have ever seen. Not only does it perform flawlessly, it is a beautifully crafted work of art". - Jon S. , California USA 
Note: Jon is a longtime Denk II Super System user who just took delivery of our latest BINOTRON-27 Super System

Note: We do  not charge customers until we ship though in a few cases, we are requested to charge early. In other words, we must ship to experience income! That notwithstanding, we cannot rush any process and the best thing for the customer and our commpany as well, is an adherence to the strictest quality procedures. This is our mantra and we will stay the course. You, the loyal customer will benefit in the longrun, knowing that your BINOTRON-27 was worked on individually with the greatest care possible!

A MUST for all Wedge and EQ Mounted SCTS!!! NEW IVB 2" STAR DIAGONAL
Features The Denk Patent Pending "Inter-locking Visual Back"

NEW!! The OCS-A45 
"I have noted that on the Catseye Nebula, that I could not see the center star before with the D21s in the Bino before the OCS-A45 and now I can see the center star with the OCS-A45!!!  That is proof positive that it has expanded what you can now see and it is definitely an improvement.  Great job Russ." - Victor  
With the new faster mirrors and their very steep cones, you asked us if we could make a larger front OCS Optic. Well, we have done it. Same low magnification as our lowest power OCS but a full 45mm aperture. We can't make 'em any larger!! click on "The Link" for more info. Recommended for all dobs F/5 and faster!

                       LINK BELOW
     ***See The Denkmeier Facility***
                We Are Professionals!


Denkmeier Optical, Inc is a U.S.A. Company

 We Accept Credit Card Payment From Our Amateur Astronomy Friends From All Over The World! We Provide Systems To Customers In Over 35 Countries On Our Planet Earth!!     

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