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BINOTRON-27 Super System

Must Be Ordered through This Website. This BINOTRON-27 Super System is a SUPER DEAL for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!
Our Best Binoviewer Ever!

5-14-2014: Still At WHOLESALE DIRECT PRICING!!! 

New Review in Astronomy Magazine. Read it HERE**

Chosen by Phil Harrington as a Star Product for 2013 in Astronomy Magazine! 
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_BINOTRON-27TM Super System_
User Manual (PDF FILE)**
This Manual is approximately 14mb. Downloading may take several minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.
Note: See FAQs on Bottom of This Webpage


Update: 5-14-2014
   We do our best to minimize delays. I am working on each and every Binotron-27 order during May and early June. We do expect to catch up by early to Mid June. You patience is greatly appreciated. Our careful attention to every detail takes time. We never charge you until the day that we ship to you! -Russ Lederman

Our Best Binoviewer System Ever is Now More Affordable than Ever!

We are bringing the new BINOTRON-27 Super System straight to our world-wide customers at a discount. Do not second guess the quality due to lower pricing!! Reviews will be forthcoming and we have no doubt that the amateur astronomy community will discover just how good our ultimate binoviewer system is. Our new design is completely original, with patent pending eyepiece holders and collimating system. Lighter, better made, and sharper than anything we have done before. And....at an amazing price! download the manual above, go to the BOTTOM OF THIS WEBPAGE to place your order today! order from the first shopping cart area for the discounted $1099 price (excluding extra options) and consider adding the new OCS-A45 and the Filter Switch System. Don't delay, order today! There is a waiting list of several months as of late April, 2013.


                                                                                       Shown With Optional D21 Eyepiece Pair

Brand New!!!
After 12 years, it was time for us to go back to the drawing board and create the ultimate Binoviewer. We engineered the BINOTRON-27 from the ground up. 
Lucky the world didn't end on December 21st or we'd be up to our ears in Binoviewers.
"Using our very best people, every part including the body is custom designed from scratch. I spent a full year drawing from my 12 years of fulltime experience in designing Binoviewers and optical peripheries in order to create the ultimate in Binocular Astronomy!" -Russ Lederman/Founder of Denkmeier optical and Inventor of the Power Switch and OCS System

Our latest creation is The BINOTRON-27. We have designed this binoviewer system from the ground up, creating our own tooling, molds, and machining that integrate all of our best ideas into one amazing piece of astro equipment. New features of the BINOTRON-27 represent a continuation of the Denkmeier tradition of quality. We list these very new features below.

*Must be ordered Directly From Denkmeier Optical,  through the website or by phone. Offer only good when placed directly with us! 
Includes complete "BINOTRON-27 Super System" with Case. 
Introductory Price does not include Optional Accessories. More Details on Options can be found at the Bottom of this section where the Shopping Cart selections are found.  Shipping is additional. 
Call 866-340-4578 toll free of 410-208-6014 with questions. Email:


  • New Diopter adjusters that allow individual focus for each eye, without rotation of the eyepieces.
  • NEW Patent Pending "CollitronTM Eyepiece Holders" that allow the end user to instantly collimate the binoviewer even without a telescope!* Touch up the collimation to perfection in minutes and it will stay that way!
  • The BINOTRON-27 is easy to collimate without the need for tools or servicing by Denkmeier Optical Technicians!
  • NEW Beautiful and lightweight rubber coatings for a very comfortable feel and improved grip.
  • NEW 27mm Aperture Prisms for superior coating of the 26mm clear aperture prism surfaces.
  • NEW Optional OCS-A45TM Multi-Purpose Corrector**. This has the largest clear aperture lens that we could make for superior light transmission, especially in fast telescopes. Ultimate optical quality too!
  • Available as a BINOTRON-27 Super System: Focuses at three magnifications with one pair of eyepieces supplied by the user on any telescope type by way of our Patented Optical Corrector/Power X Switch System.
  • Includes NEW custom aluminum case with high quality laser-cut foam interior.
  • Fully machined and laser engraved caps and eyepiece plugs to match the quality of this system.

Now For the #1 Question: "Why Should I Need to Collimate The Binoviewer?"

Answer: You shouldn't under normal use. But isn't it nice to know that you can adjust your Collitron Holders in minutes or less if you ever feel like the view is not quite merging or feels uncomfortable?? Throughout my professional career in this industry, I have heard comments from those afraid that a binoviewer will produce poorly merged images! With our easy to understand instructions, now you can collimate your BINOTRON-27 in one minute or less until it feels perfectly comfortable to use.

27mm full Aperture Prisms
Polished to 1/8th Wave or Better

Sometimes Bigger is Better! Binotron-27's Large Generous aperture for
maximum illumination of 1.25" eyepieces sets it apart from inexpensive units innundating the marketplace. Our Prisms and Beamsplitter Wall features 100% Dielectric Multi-Coatings. Our Prisms are polished to 1/8 wave or better. All of our Binoviewers are assembled professionally to the highest standards and pass through our most stringent quality control propcedures in our Hauppauge, NY facility. 27mm glass allows us to more efficiently coat the 26mm clear aperture optical surfaces without nearing the fixture areas utilized in the coating machine.

*Collitron Eyepiece Holders are a special patent pending feature that allow both eyepiece holder assemblies to be shifted in a flat 360 degree plane, and then locked in at a given position. A Special collimator target device that can ve viewed indoors (sit in a chair, hold toward a light source, requires no telescope!) will be available shortly as an $89 option. Otherwise, the Binoviewer can be collimated while viewing through a telescope quickly, easily, and highly accurately.

Consider Upgrading to The OCS-A45 Optic!
Available as an option using the drop-down window when checking out

Selected as an Astronomy Magazine Star Product 2014

** Further Details about the Optional OCS-A45 are available using this link:

Definitely Consider Adding The Optional
Filter Switch System  
 available at checkout using the drop-down window.

                        First Customer Feedback
Below are unsolicited comments that were emailed to us and/or posted on user forums. Note: Any comments from customers appearing online or sent to us by email are unsolicited. Asking customers to send positive feedback is strictly against Denkmeier Optical company policy.

"I received the new Binotron this past Friday and spent the weekend with it at Chiefland Astronomy Village.
Even though the seeing conditions limited the quality time I was hoping to spend with the new binoviewer, I came away with a number of fully-formed impressions."

In no particular order:

*The Binotron is, essentially, color-free.
I never really paid much attention to the slight red/blue 'fringing' around bright objects (i.e. Jupiter) with my Denk II. If I did notice anything, I attributed it to whatever eyepieces I was using.
In fact, it was so slight that I never even gave it much thought at all until I used the NEW viewer and realized there was NO 'fringing'...NONE.

* This is one gorgeous hunk of astro equipment! Russ has really outdone himself with this design. It just REEKS of class and quality-build. The workmanship is simply first-class. The new case itself is a work of art! The whole package conjures up the comparison of, say, a ROLEX vs. a CITIZEN watch (and I'm not 'knocking' Citizen...I own both).

* The new locking and focusing knobs are terrific. There is no doubt (in the dark) which knurled ring you're adjusting and the Diopter (fine focus) ring is simply a joy to use. It is absolutely solid...no slop or slack at all. And so smooth it's actually a tactile pleasure to use. It's also extremely effective.
This feature makes the Binotron much easier to "share". It just works so much better than the old system that it's no longer annoying to switch back and forth with another observer whose eyes don't match yours.

*The Binotron arrived perfectly collimated. I've owned or used every brand of binoviewer on the market and nearly all of them required some sort of 'tweaking' when using extremely high magnifications. Usually this was very minor...but noticeable.
I should probably note that, for me, "extremely high magnifications" should probably read 'LUDICROUS POWER"!  :)
Conditions permitting, I consider 500+ to be the  [i]minimum[/i] magnification for planetary viewing with my 28". If the seeing won't permit at least that much, I rarely even bother with planetary observing at all. There are times when I use 1,000+. That's going to push ANY binoviewer to the limit of precise collimation!
(Here's where we get  [i]really ludicrous[/i] ):
I aimed the scope at a light on top of a cell phone tower and used a set of
3MM NAGLERS AND THE 'POWER X SWITCH" IN THE HIGHEST POSITION...FOR A MAGNIFICATION OF 2400X...AND THE IMAGE REMAINED PERFECTLY COLLIMATED! There was no overlap or any problem with merging whatsoever. NOTE: this has caused me to  [i]not[/i] yet test the collimation procedure. It's so perfect, I don't want to mess with it!

*The rubberized coating of the body is a really nice touch (especially on cold nights!).

* The Binotron FEELS noticeably lighter than the Denk II.I'll post more when I've had more time with it...and with other types of scopes. I'll be using it in an SCT next week and I'm actually looking forward to having the moon back in the sky. I want to critically test the sharpness and contrast on the lunar features (although in moments of steady seeing this past weekend, there was a  [i]wealth[/i] of fine detail on Jupiter). " -Mike Harvey

FAQ : Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Regarding The New BINOTRO-27

Q: Is this new BINOTRON-27TM  (BT-27TM) different from the Denk Standard or Denk II Binoviewer?
A: Yes. We started from the ground up. There are no parts from the previous models that are used in the Binotron-27. All molds, machined parts, even the prisms are totally new.
Q: Is the Binotron-27 even better than the Denk II?
A: We feel that the Denk II was the very best optical device we could make. However, the existing body could not allow us to make larger prisms. Therefore, when we created the BT-27 Body, we made sure it could accept 27mm prisms so that we could coat the full 26mm clear aperture more effectively. The BT-27 prisms are polished to 1/8th wave flatness or better and we test the prisms using a Zygo Interferometer. When it comes to optical quality, we are leaving no stone unturned. The new features like non-rotating diopters allowing individual eyepiece focus without spinning the eyepieces that are also gradient marked, and the Collitron feature make the BT-27 the most advanced Binoviewer in the world. We feel tnhat our lightweight rubber armor adds comfort and beauty to this instrument as well. The new case is a step up as well. The optional OCS-A45 is a big addition too!
Q: Are the optical coatings still as good?
A: Yes! BT-27TM utilizes 100% dielectric coatings on the air to glass surfaces and also on the beam splitter wall. This is important because many other binoviewers use a hybrid dielectric/metallic coating on the beam splitter wall in order to bring an equal color to the right and left aspects. We now have equal color and we accomplish this with dielectric coatings. Hybrid coatings produce as much as 10% absorbtion and scattering of light! We would not settle for this.
Q: The new CollitronTM Holders allow a user to collimate the binoviewer? Is this easy for anyone? Is this like using three screws to align the eyepieces on cheaper units?
A: The New Collitron Eyepiece Holders allow anyone to easily colllimate the binoviewer! The instructions are forthcoming. I am writing the manual at this time. The entire binoviewer will be in collimation and this is very different then using thumbscrews to tilt eyepieces! That is a method that tried to counter the effects of a poorly collimated bino. With our Collitron Eyepiece Holders, the user is collimating the eyepiece holders to a very accurate degree. This will be easy, fast,  pleasurable, and can even be done in the user's home with no telescope and only the pair of eyepieces loaded into the binoviewer. We are producing an indoor thread-on device and it will be available soon at a low price. Otherwise, collimation can be done in your telescope viewing a target in daylight or even a star or planet at night! Once you collimate, the bino stays collimated unless you decide to repeat the process as needed, or just want to double check collimation by loosening the Collitron rings and starting over. Once you get used to collimating, it can be done in under one minute anytime you want!
Q: Can I trade in my old Denk toward the New BT-27?
A: Sorry but this is not possible. This undertaking over past 1.5 years has been very expensive and we depend on the support of the Astronomy Community! The development of new products depends on those new products selling. Like any other product such as cameras or telescopes, we too wish to advance the design of our Binoviewer and this can only be possible if customers support us by purchasing the Binotron-27, allowing us to pay our bills and keep our compoany intact! 
Q: I use a H-a Solar Sope. Can I use The BINOTRON-27 with it?
A: Yes, absolutely. With Coronado Solar Scopes using a BF 5,10 or 15 1.25" Diagonal, the 1.25" #150 optical cell and the 1,25" #33 nosepiece must be added. For Lunt Solar Scopes, we make an new one-piece optical adapter that must be added. It is a fully Multi-Coated 2" Format Optic in a fully machined cell. This cell replaces the 2" nose section of the Lunt Blocking Filter Star Diagonal and now allows the BINOTRON-27 to reach focus. See this
"Lunt Optical Adapter" link.
Q: In my refractor or H-a Scope, the lowest power switch setting focuses fine, but the mid and high power settings do not. I run out of out-travel. before I reach focus. Is this normal?
A: Often, smaller refractors and H-a solar scopes lack a large amount of overall focuser travel. Sometimes the ability to rack out the focuser tube of a refractor is confused with the term "Back Focus". The term "Back Focus" actually refers to the placement of the optical focal plane in relation to the exit aperture of the telescope (Focuser tube opening). Too little backfocus would be a problem because the focal plane is located too close in toward the exit aperture of the telescope and you would not have enough "in-travel" to reach focus. Actually, the mid and high powers of the BINOTRON-27 Super System provide a good amount of back focus. So, the focuser tube of a refractor must rack outward to reach the focal plane for a focused image to occur. Some brands of refractors have only 2.5"-3" of overall focuser tube travel. If you move to the mid and high powers of the Power Switch and rack out and fail to reach focus, a short extension tube may be used between the star diagonal (or the BF Diagonal with H-a) and then the mid (2.3X) and high power (3X) positions of the Power Switch can reach focus. Note: The easiest method is to simply nudge the diagonal out of the scope a bit and this may solve the focusing issue for the mid and high power modes, and still allow enough in-travel to reach focus with the lowest 1.3X mode. Do not nudge the Binoviewer out, slide the diagonal that is carrying the whole BINOTRON-27 Super System outward a bit.
Will Newtonian Focus present a problem and must I trim poles?
A: No. Russ invented the Optical Corrector System ands Power Switch to eliminate any focus worries in Newtonians. Basically, the OCS A45 or OCS A37 moves the focus through the Binotron to the eyepieces and creates appx. 2.3X. Then the Low Power side of the Power Switch (always placed on "logo-side of the Power switch unit) reduces that magnification factor to 1.3X appx. The opposite arm increases the factor to 3X. The Middle Spacer expands and places the OCS Optic more deeply into the focal plane as needed for low power focus. Here are the details of IN-Focus Travel focus required as compared to the same eyepiece  focuser position when used as a single EP in the Newt:
1. With the Middle Newtonian Spacer fully closed: 47.4mm additional in-travel is required
2. If not available, then the Middle Spacer will need to be expanded until focus is achieved.
3. If the Middle Spacer were fully expanded (it expands to add 16.7mm), 23.62mm additional in-travel is required
Q: What if I fail to reach focus in Low Power Mode even if I expand the Middle Spacer the full 16.8mm?
A: There are several remedies. Moving up collimation bolts may get you there. We can also supply an additional spacer that threads between the Middle Spacer and OCS Cell. Of course, slightly trimming poles is a possibility as well but not necessary.
Q: Does the Filter Switch Option make focus more difficult?
A: NO. This is because the Filter Switch initial nose section before the Middle Spacer has been designed to be longer than the non-filter switch initial nose section by 10mm. So, low power focus is less demanding though the magnification factor is slightly higher by fractions.
1.  With the Middle Newtonian Spacer fully closed: 21mm additional in-travel is required
2. If not available, then the Middle Spacer will need to be expanded until focus is achieved.
3. If the Middle Spacer were fully expanded (it expands to add 16.7mm), 5.5mm additional in-travel is required
Q: Will the OCS extend into the upper cage and light path?
A: It is often the case that in low power mode (1.3X) the OCS Cell will enter the light path. This is only in lowest power and has no real consequences. The Low Power Mode is fantastic for deepsky and planets though serious planet observation is likely to have the observer employ the 2.3X mode. Whether the OCS does extend into the light path is dependent on how the Newtonian was constructed. Telescopes that have been visually optimized with small secondary mirrors and focal planes that lay close to the focuser exit present a more difficult focus situation and will have the OCS enter the upper cage more so.

More to come on FAQ section. It is a work in progress.

 Russ Lederman holds one of the first BINOTRON-27s shipped from Hauppauge, NY today, January 31, 2013.

                             Images Through The Right and Left Sides of The BINOTRON-27
These color photos below were taken by Russ Lederman on February 20th, 2013. The set demonstrates the even color when the reflection (right) and the transmission (left) aspects of the beam splitter are compared side by side. They are eyepiece projection "snapshots" through D21 Eyepieces loaded in the BINOTRON-27. A hand-held Canon T1i was used with an 18mm-55mm zoom lens set about midway. The telescope used was Russ's own 20" F/5 Dob, no motor drive. The real-time view was many times better! Conditions were hazy with an ice crystal "film" present around the Lunar Disc. Any minor size difference was a result of slight change in the camera lens zoom setting. as a side note, these images may be merged by staring at the middle and slowly crossing one's eyes. Do this at your own risk!

Below, this actual curve generated from our 100% Dielectric Beam Splitter Coating Wall demonstrates how close the Transmission remains along the 50% line throughout the visible spectrum. Unlike "Hybrid" metallic/dielectric coatings which scatter and absorb 10% or more light at the wall, absorbtion/scatter is virtually non-existant with our coating. Typical Hybrid Beam Splitter Coatings may achive equal color for right (reflection) and left (Transmission) sides, but we are accomplishing this without losing as much as 10% of the light! Note that the curve shows Transmission. We rmain at 48% or better throughout the visible Spectrum. Therefore the Reflection Side will be just as close to the perfect 50% line!

The outstanding flatness of The BINOTRON-27's prisms are demonstrated by this computer generated profile below, of the prism surface. We are proud of the quality and high optical standards that go into every lens and prism that we produce and this readout represents our typical specs for EVERY prism surfacein BINOTRON-27.

BINOTRON-27 Super System BINOTRON-27 Super System On Sale! New! HOT!

  • Note: Credit Cards: Customers using credit cards will be charged the fee that we are charged by our provider, if that credit card is declined when we attempt to charge. Please be accurate when inputting all information and notify your bank who issued the card that a charge will occur. This is especially a requirement for overseas orders. While you may be inputting the security code on the back of the card in the space provided in the checkout section, we are not recieving it.  *****Please add V-code numbers on the back of credit cards when checking out in the shopping cart. Place the 3 (Visa/MC/Disc) or 4 digit code (Amex) in the  "Comments" box. Thank You********

    BINOTRON-27 Super System Includes:

Complete BINOTRON-27 Binoviewer and Super System Accessories:
Power x Switch System + All Spacer Tubes and Multi-Purpose OCS Cell (37mm Optical Lens)
Machined and Engraved Aluminum Caps and Eyepiece Holder Plugs
Aluminum Case
Available Options: 
OCS-A45 Clear Aperture 45mm Add $149  (Note:Replaces 37mm Clear Aperture OCS Lens and Cell)
Filter Switch System: Add $249  Accepts Two 2" Filters (Contains two removable 2" Carriers)
Extra 2" Filter Carriers: $15 each
1.25" Stepdown Adapters: Allows your 1.25" Filters to be used (recommend adding a 2" Carrier for each)

Be sure to check our Filter Page! All of our filters are coated on site in NY using our state pof the art Ion Beam Sputtering machine (IBS)

Shipping is added after we know the cost. The cost depends on where the order is being shipped to and by what method. We ship worldwide! Your Card is never charged until the package is ready to leave our Hauppauge, NY facility.

Retail Price: $1,399.00
Our Price: $1,099.00 - You Save $300.00!

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BINOTRON-27 SCT Super System BINOTRON-27 SCT Super System On Sale! New! HOT!

FOR SCTs and REFRACTORS!! Complete with our 99% Dielectric Quartz Mirror Star Diagonal with our new  Inter-Locking Visual Back (IVB) Feature!! Incudes OCS A-37 Optical Cell to elimate most of the optical light path requirement. Works for refractors too!

Credit Cards: IMPORTANT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! Customers using credit cards will be charged the fee that we are charged by our provider, if that credit card is declined when we attempt to charge. Please be accurate when inputting all information and notify your bank who issued the card that a charge will occur. This is especially a requirement for overseas orders.

Input the VCode which is a 3 digit code on the back of your credit card in the area that reads "additional comments" please. For AMEX this code is a 4 digit code on the front of the card. Remember to add this number under "additional comments" field when checking out or delays in filling your order will occur.
Retail Price: $1,599.00
Our Price: $1,399.00 - You Save $200.00!

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BINOTRON-27 Ala Carte BINOTRON-27 Ala Carte On Sale! New! HOT!

New! BINOTRON-27 Ala Carte.
Our Price: $934.00

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ships immediately

New Lunt Optical Adapter New Lunt Optical Adapter New!

New Lunt Optical Adapter allows BINOTRON-27 to be used with any Lunt Solar Scope with a Lunt BF Diagonal.
Our Price: $249.00

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NEW!! Collitron Reticle NEW!! Collitron Reticle On Sale! New!

Our Price: $139.00

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