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 Finding The Right Binoviewer Package

Let's assume that you have little knowledge about binoviewers but are interested in using two eyes to view the sky through your telescope. Basically, we have now made your selection process easy. The New Power Switching Denk Standard and Denk II Binoviewer Super Systems have been designed to work with all telescope designs and they offer three instant magnification factors with a single pair of eyepieces! All needed lenses to achieve focus in these three powers are included. It's that simple!

Since there are some other possible choices for SCT and Refractor users, let us review some basic information that will help you make the best selection for your telescope.

If you own a Newtonian Scope:  The Standard or Denk II Super System
The Super Systems will work on the Newtonian and any other scope such as an SCT, Maksutov Cassegrain, Refractor, Mewlon (Dal Kirkham), classical Cassegrain etc. The key is that if you have a Newtonian Telescope that you wish to use with your denk Binoviewer, you must select the Standard or Denk II Super System.

SCTs and/or Refractors: Super System or Bino Ala Carte + Power Switch Diag
If you own an SCT or Refractor and do not plan on using a Newtonian at all, The Standard or Denk II Super System again will work perfectly. However, you may also decide on buying a Denk Standard or Denk II Ala Carte (Bino alone, no Power Switch or Optical Correctors) and then add one of our two inch Power Switch Star Diagonals. The R1 Power Switch Star Diagonal will allow focus to occur in the refractor and at three magnification factors. The S2 is for SCTs, the R1 is for Refractors or SCTs. The R1 can be used for both but is more expensive because it includes the Optical Corrector System lens (OCS) that must be used with Refractors. So, those with SCTs and no refractor would shoose the S2, those with Refractors and also an SCT would choose the R1.
 Optional Diagonals with even more magnfication factors are also available (see #R2 in the Power Switch Star Diagonal Section)

The Filter Switch Feature : Filter Switch
Our Filter Switch Option may be added to The Super Systems or the Power Switch Star Diagonals. In this way you may move one of two filters into the lightpath at a given time or have no filter in the path (three positions).

Filter Use: Denk Hi Def Filters

Most Economical Denk Binoviewer System :
The Big Easy
We do offer a very nice Denk Binoviewer System called The Big Easy for those on a more limited budget. This system does not offer Power switching for instant magnifications. Instead, the user may thread some parts on and off manually to acheive two magnification factors in Newtonians and Refractors and three in SCTs. The Optical Corrector Lenses and tubes are also in a 1.25" format, not the 2" format provided with The Super Systems. 

Eyepieces : Denkmeier Eyepieces or Tele Vue Eyepieces?
Denkmeier has been making world class 65 degree eyepieces for more than 6 years. We assemble and match them in our NY Facility. We also work with Tele Vue Optics company and can provide a second eyepiece of the same type from Tele Vue for your single Tele Vue eyepiece or obtain a complete pair for you at competitive pricing! Remember that our Power Switching allows one pair of eyepieces to operate as if they were three or more pairs. Buy the best eyepiece pairs that can!!

Customized Systems
Call Russ at Denkmeier Optical with questions regarding magnification factors, focusing concerns, or other issues. We may be able to offer some variations depending on your requirements.

Toll-Free: 866-340-4578
Out of USA: 410-208-6014
Email: russ@denkmeier.com

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