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IVB 2" SCT Star Diagonal

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Finally: This is One Secure Star Diagonal ! Will Not Rotate Downward Accidentaly!
Includes a Denk IVB  2" Star Diagonal with a 2" to 1.25" adapter, engraved aluminum dust plug, 99% Dielectric 1/10th Wave Flat Mirror, the patent pending Inter-Locking Visual bacK (IVB). Never have your diagonal freeze up and not loosen on those cold nights. Never have your diagonal slip and rotate downward, falling out of your telescope!

Upper Right:
Parts A/B of the IVB Element threads onto your SCT Tube's rear male thread. "A" side has female SCT threads that couple to your male SCT tube assembly threads. Note that Part B ends in an inter-locking configuration that mates with Part D (silver section) of the Star Diagonal. Part C is the typical 2" Tube on the telescope-side of the star diagonal. Part D is the inter-locking part on the star diagonal.


Above Left: The IVB Visual Back Section threaded to an SCT.  Above Right: The Star Diagonal Rear Tube inter-locks with the SCT Visual Back

Once interlocked, a simple machined thumbscrew seen in the left-hand photo is threaded down until it lightly contacts the star diagonal 2" tube located inside of the visual back section. There is an indented area on this tube so the diagonal cannot fall out of the scope if the inter-locking parts become disengaged.

Left: This illustration shows the star diagonal located in an unfavorable viewing position after an object is located. The thumbsrew is loosened slightly, the inter-locking parts are dis-engaged, the diagonal is ready to be rotated to an ideal viewing position.
Right:  After turning the star diagonal upright, the parts are once again inter-locked and the thumbscrew is turned down to contact. It's that easy. The diagonal now cannot accidently rotate downward! No force was needed to acheive this very secure retaining of the star diagonal! It will loosen and dis-engage for further rotations during an observing session no matter how cold the parts get. No more "Frozen Tight Star Diagonals" with our new system!

Refractors Only? 
You may only want to use our diagonal with refractors and not SCTs. In that case, choose the dropdown "Refractor Nose Sections Only". There is no extra charge. If you want to add the optional "Refractor-Only" nose section to the IVB Diagonal and still have the SCT IVB Parts included as well, there is a charge of $39 for the Refractor Nose Section and a separate dropdown in the shopping cart for that.

Choose this high quality optional case when checking out. It is designed to accomodate any of our star diagonals including S1, S2, R1. and R2 and this SCT Star Diagonal.

Above Left:
If a Shortened Light Path is desired when using our Denk Binoviewers, the eyepiece holder can be removed with the addition of our special dovetail adapter system. 
Above Right: Once the eyepiece holder has been removed, your Denk Binoviewer may be docked using our Dovetail Connector which threads into the binoviewer. So, there are two parts: One that attaches to the star diagonal body in place of the eyepiece holder, and one that threads to the Binoviewer Power Switch or Bino Body (same threads) and allows dockage to the receptacle shown above left.

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