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BINOTRON-27 SCT Super System
BINOTRON-27 SCT Super System

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New!! BINOTRON-27 Super SystemTM
For Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes

Why Choose This Option?

This product is a great choice if you do not  plan to use a Newtonian Telescope, and use only an SCT (or an SCT and also a refractor). Since our new IVB Star Quartz Mirror Dielectric Diagonal is included at $139, it's a great choice for SCT users!

This system is specialized for SCTs! The included Dovetail Adapter System has been designed to allow the BINOTRON-27 and Power Switch to dock directly to the Denk Dielectric Star Diagonal Body. The standard 2" Eyepiece Holder can be quickly removed and the B-27 Body+Power Switch will dock to the Star Diagonal Body eliminating light path. The capability to rotate the B-27 (required for EQ and Wedge-Mounted SCTs) is a built in feature. For those using Alt-Azimuth mounts, the lightpath can be made slightly shorter still.

Your BINOTRON-27 Binoviewer with Three-Way Power Switch will dock directly to the included 99% Reflective Quartz Mirror Star Diagonal. The Denk IVB Star Diagonal included the new patent pending Inter-Locking Visual Back SCT Adapter. Those with EQ and Wedge-Mounted SCTs need not worry about accidental rotation any longer. This new visual back requires no torque to secure it in position, yet it cannot rotate accidentaly! Interlocking technology allows the diagonal to be positioned for ideal viewing in seconds. The binoviewer can then be rotated and set for perfect comfortable viewing angles. No longer do you need to worry about diagonals that have frozen in an awkward position on those cold nights. This new IVB eliminates the need to over-tighten the star diagonal, yet it will not accidentaly fall out or rotate downward! While SCTs are capable of creating a wealth of back focus to allow focus for accessories with long internal light paths, our Dovetail Connecting System that we have produced for more than 10 years allows the light path to be shortened by almost 2 inches.

Shortened Light Path : Eyepiece holder has been removed from the Star Diagonal. BINOTRON-27 is "Docked" directly to Diagonal.
While SCTs are capable of creating a wealth of back focus to allow focus for accessories with long internal light paths, our Dovetail Connecting System that we have produced for more than 10 years now, allows the light path to be shortened by almost 2 inches. This is because the 2" Eyepiece Holder can be removed and the B27 with Power Switch can be docked directly to the diagonal body, bypassing the added light path of the eyepiece holder. This requires less forward movement of the SCT Primary Mirror. 

Three-Way Power Switch
We have produced our Patented Power Switch for more than 10 years now. Be assured that the ability to introduce focal reduction in your F/10 SCT is an extremely useful and rewarding feature! We have received volumes of feedback from those regularly using our Power Switch in SCTs who are thrilled with the wider fields that reduction mode provides. Low surface brightness objects that are spread over the field at F/10 become more compact and easier to see with reduction mode implemented. We do recommend our D21 Eyepieces as they have been designed with this feature in mind and provide outstanding illumination across the field of view though many other brands work very well. The reduction mode of the Power switch provides F/.66 performance and now allows many larger objects to be viewed in their entirety. Simply and accurately stated: The reduction mode has been designed to allow your SCT to convert to a wider-field instrument. Note: Some have questioned the usefulness of the reduction feature because the primary must be moved toward the secondary and a small amount of aperture reduction may occur due to clipping of the light cone at the SCT primary mirror central baffle opening. To make our point perfectly clear, your F/10 SCT has been converted to a different optical instrument when using this feature. It allows extended objects to be seen as more compact with an increase in surface brightness. Views of many objects are considered BETTER when seen with the reduction mode. This has been confirmed by many of our customers who actually use this feature. Viewing the Moon in reduction, viewing Saturn in a starry field, viewing a more compact M42 immersed in a star-filled area of sky all offer amazing viewing experiences and are yours with a push of the reduction arm of the Power Switch! The list goes on. See for yourself. We are very proud of this feature, brought to you, the amatuer astronomer and SCT user. Seeing is believing. Many galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters simply look better and at the very least, are seen with a different perspective using our reduction mode of the Power Switch. Bst of all, it's instantly called upon by moving in the low power arm of the Power Switch and refocusing. No need to move from your eyepieces! This is a good thing. If one is concerned about a small amount of aperture reduction in this mode, the point of this feature is being missed. The reducer converts the slow F/10 focal ratio to a faster F/.66 and creates more compact views of any astronomical object. Whereas a full disc view of the Moon with the binoviewer may not be possible at F/10, the reduction mode provides a field of view that is almost 40% wider! The reduction mode offers an alternate way of viewing objects and that is it's sole purpose. We love it and so do thousands of our customers!

Par Focal Operation
Since 2002, we have produced our custom designed Optical Corrector Cells (OCS) that allow our binoviewers to focus in a position that is very close to where a single eyepiece would focus in an SCT. In other words, only very small amounts of primary mirror travel are required. To implenet this feature, the included OCS optical cell is threaded to the 2" nosepiece of the BINOTRON-27. Then, when the reduction arm of the Power switch is introduced, the eyepieces in the B-27 will operate at very close to 1X (the magnification that one of the eyepieces would produce when used singly in the SCT) and focus will be close to the original Primary Mirror Poisition when a single eyepiece in a 2" diagonal was used. While we feel that focal reduction capability is absoluetly desirable, we do make this configuration possible for those who are still concerned about moving the primary mirror toward the secondary mirror. Our typical OCS cell (included in price)is 2" in format and has a clear aperture of 37mm. It is of exquisite optical quality as are all of our optical lenses and prisms. We also offer an upgraded OCS-A45 with a
clear aperture of 45mm (+$149)

In the photo at right, note that the Low Power Reducer on the Logo-Side of the Power Switch has been pushed in. When the OCS Cell is threaded to the 2" Nosepiece, the focus point becomes very close to where a single eyepiece would reach focus, alleviating the requirement to move the SCT Primary Mirror a large distance. The magnification factor when using this configuration is  very low (1.15X approximately)

Works for Refractors Too
The Inter-Locking Visual Back for SCTs is included. However, this system can also work with Refractors. The OCS Cell is threaded to the diagonal body directly on the telescope-side. Then the nosepiece section from the diagonal may be threaded to the OCS Cell. Once this setup is loaded into the refractor focuser receptacle, the BINOTRON-27 whether Docked with the Dovetail Cconnector System or loaded into the eyepiece holder of the diagonal will produce 1.3X/2.3X/3X. 

More information on our IVB Star Diagonal included with this product, please see the webpage at this link: http://deepskybinoviewer.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=24

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